Monday, May 5, 2014

Thoughts about writing a blog

Stage 1
painting while listening to Guy Barash
TalkBack IV @ Turtle Bay Music School
4 June 2013
Piano: Kathleen Supové

For a very long time I am thinking about the nature of this blog, should it be about the pottery I am doing, or as I was planning in its early days, also about everything else I am doing like painting, writing, crocheting, cooking etc. Should it be professional and focused, or a place to write about whatever I am thinking, and want to share. Should it be in English which isn't my mother tongue, or both Hebrew and English. I really do not want anyone to use the Google translator for understanding what I am writing about, especially because there is a huge gap between what is written and the translation of it.
Should it be merely a photo based blog, which is also a problem because lately I find it very difficult and frustrating to upload directly from Ipad or cellphone (which are the 2 devices I use during studio hours); or even uploading photos that have been taken with them, as they sometimes appear upside down without a way to correct, sometimes a whole post suddenly disappears when I am trying to upload a photo... Therefore,  lately I have been giving up many posts I wanted to post.

a few of the Stage 1 paintings on my working table


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Linda Starr said...

These are wonderful, love the colors, they remind me of fabric which I am very fond of. glad to hear what you are doing. I don't even know how to use the camera on my phone, one of these days.


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