Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring is in the air

spring is in the air

Time passes so quickly; the spring is already here; each day brings different weather; one day is cold, one day is hot, one day is cloudy, and the other day is hazy;
all of these changes are very similar to my mood which gets high and creative one day, or low and sad in the next, nevertheless, the spring also brings with it so many colors; the new growth of the fields, the countless flowers and the tiny little buds which all of them have enormous affect on me…


My father, who is in his 90th year, and is very ill, wants "more years to live", but I do not think he is really enjoys his days anymore. That makes me wonder about the gift called life, and the surprise that is waiting under the next layer.


Each day I attend my studio with enough strength to create new things. It goes a bit slower than I used to, but I still have made many new works.


I am trying to cope with taking photos of the works, at least for a memoire; but sometimes they're being bought before, and that's makes me very happy, but then I do not have any remembrance of them.

playing with glazes


Jesse Lu said...

Your work is so beautiful... I really admire the time that must go into each delicate pattern. Such a lovely thing to look at first thing in the morning. :)

Trish said...

Varda..I so enjoyed looking at your work today.. it has, admittingly, been a long time since I last viewed your blogspot. I hope you are feeling much stronger. Your passion for your claywork has not been lost.:)..
Beautiful spring colours..
have a great day.
Trish from Alberta, Canada.

Jô Bibas said...

Your work is beautiful!
Jô Bibas (from Brazil)

Midori said...

I stumble uopn your site. The decoration are gorgeous and beautiful!


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