Friday, March 5, 2010

Way of doing

There are many ways to make a sgraffito decoration. (, mine is very simple; I use engobes in a few different colors, to cover the leather-hard bowls, let it dry a bit, and then start cutting, usually from the center to the edges.

The tools I use are scalpels, and round edges etching tools.

This is a time consuming work, but sometimes, it is also like a meditation for me. I embroider my thoughts, into the patterns, one round after the other, till it becomes complete.

Sometimes a bowl takes 2 hours, sometimes 4 or even more, depends on the size of it, and the density of the decoration.

I love to do this kind of work, in painting too, a little different, but still the same in a way. 


Linda Starr said...

Beautiful work Varda, thanks so much for posting the tools and how you do your sgraffito.

Anonymous said...

definitely worth the extra time on that sgraffito. the paintings are really nice too!

Barbara said...

Your drawing and sgraffito are both beautiful. I was wondering what one of your paintings etched into clay would be like? Thanks for showing your tools and process. You have a very careful and steady hand.

Kim Hines said...

i just stumbled upon your blog and am sitting her in awe looking at your bowls! they're gorgeous! i can only imagine how much time you must put into each piece. if only i had the patience... :)

Oy Clay !!! Pottery said...

זה נעים מאוד לפגוש אותך שוב, ורדה. תודה לך להגיב להודעה שלי הניח בטעות על קליי מועדון. זה היה מיועד הבלוג שלי. אני אוהב את sgrafitto. הייתי מנסה להשתמש בו עבור הקיר תלוי עם ברכת הבית, אבל בכתב עברית שלי (הדפסה רהוט) הוא כל כך רע.


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