Sunday, January 22, 2012

Paris Series

from Paris Series 6/16 21x15 cm each,
acrylic and oil on paper
Paris Series 5/16

        It is too cold to work with clay, and too risky to turn on the kiln (because of thunderstorms), so I started to document and make inventory of the thousands paintings and drawings I have in the studio.

As a "serial" painter, I always paint more than one painting at a time, whether it is on canvases or paper. When it is on canvas it is very easy of course to track them, and put them together, but when papers involved, I find it very difficult to keep series together all the time. They tend to get lost between drawers, and some times even get lost completely. Probably because I have sold them and could not remember, or gave them as presents, or God knows where they are hiding.

Paris Series 2/16

Paris Series 1/16

Inventory could be a good solution, and also a good way to spend the time in a cold day.

Paris Series 4/16

Paris Series 15/16

 Mean while the new jars are already dry enough to upload them as soon as the storm stops.


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