Monday, February 15, 2010

Playing with glazes II

Painting with engobe, and glazes on Black Mountain clay.

Something is very wrong with the weather here. It is the middle of February, and instead of rains we are having a heat wave. The nature got confused; trees and flowers are blooming early; it seems like nature thinks it is already spring.

I am confused too. I thought brushing glazes on pottery would be fun, and how could it be that potters out there didn't think about it…

mmm, the process itself was really fun. I enjoyed it very much, but the results…

It seems that painting with glazes isn't that simple, or at least, the results are not as I thought they would be.

Maybe, I have to find the right way to paint with glazes, there must be a way to do it right, and as I know myself, I'll work hard to find the way.

The other bowls, which I worked on with sgraffito technique, came out very beautiful, although distorted a little, and do not look as perfect rounding, probably because the technique which needs me to hold the bowl in my lap, while cutting inside.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Playing with Glazes

As I was testing glazes on those little tiny bowls, I have also played with a few glazes, painting them on some bowls with a brush. Although I had no clue about the results, it was a real fun. I used the Saphire Blue glaze, Randy's blue, Karen Starshine aqua, and Val Turqiose.

The combination is so colorful, and vibrant; the Randy' blue glaze looks like lavender on the b-mix, and the Saphire blue looks like viridian.

From a close looking, the drippings look like abstract paintings…

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A day for snuggling in bed

Robin Egg Blue Glaze &
Black Tenmoku on brown, b-mix, and white clay.

It is cold, stormy and grey outside. In a day like this I don't feel like driving to my studio in a village on the top of the Carmel Mountain. and working with the cold clay especially when I have to begin a new series of pots. It must be around +4 Celsius, there. I know that for the most of you it is relatively warm weather, but for me it is really very cold.

Val's Turqoise &
Raw Siena (Mastering Cone 6) on red clay.
Variation of Blue Hares on b-mix.
Licorice (MC6) on white clay.

Yesterday I unloaded the kiln. The results were thrilling; so many beautiful new glazes.

Now I have to decide which of them are going to be mixed in large batches. It is very difficult decision for me. I love colors, and I still forget that pottery is not like painting, and there is a limit to the amount of colors a potter can use…

Waterful Brown (MC6) &
Vegas Red (that came out not acctually red) on red clay.
Revised Xaviar's Warm Jade Green on white clay.
Falls Creek Shino on white clay.

Karen Starshine Aqua &
PTR on red clay.
Raspberry (MC6) on red clay.
Raspberry (MC6) on white clay.

Saphire Blue (RR) &
GB Turqiose on red clay.
Karen Starshine Aqua on B-mix.

Randy's Blue & Revised Xaviar Jade green on red clay.

Vegas Red which isn't red, but so beautiful with the Faux Celadon on the red clay.

Licorice & Rosenrot Red on B-mix

Tr Blue & Falls Creek Shino on red clay.

Golden Fake Ash & Glossy Base Glaze 1-Clear Powder Blue (MC6) on red clay.

Randy's Blue & Jen's Juicy Fruit on White clay.


Bach's Blue Green & Waxing Brown (MC6)
on white clay.

Golden Fake Ash & Black Tenmoku on white clay.

Faux Celadon & GB Turqiose on B-mix.

Raw Siena (MC6) &
Waxing Brown (MC6)
 on b-mix
Licorice on white clay.


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