Saturday, July 3, 2010

My new apartment

boxes all over

The project of moving to my new apartment in Haifa, on top of the Carmel mountain, was a huge effort in all aspects, and took almost a whole month. Because of the need to adapt everything to the new relatively smaller size of the apartment, it was harder than ever before. I had to get rid of furniture, and much other stuff which I've collected through the years. I had to give 2 of the 3 dogs I had in the yard, which means one dog and one cat are still with me.

Nana on the porch

The good side is the location of the apartment; the view is breath taking- I can see the sun rises every new day (if I could have woken up at this hour…). Since it is around 450 meters above sea level it isn't too hot and humid as it was on the sea shore where I used to live, and most of the time there is nice wind, which could  even be a little chilly at nights.

- Haifa Bay  view to west/north

Nazareth hills, the view to the east- over the vally of Izrael

Although not everything is ready yet, and there is so much to still do, I am going to start working again tomorrow; it really has been too long and I do miss my studio.

another view to the east Menashe hills


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