Monday, October 29, 2012

Bowls, Jars, and other Containers


I am in the mood of making Jars,
Jar = Container

What is a container?

A containment metaphor is an ontological metaphor in which some concept is represented as:
          having an inside and outside, 
capable of holding something else.

"Ontological Metaphors are metaphors that give shape to abstract concepts and even contribute to the structure of Primary Metaphors.  CONTAINER is one of those metaphors."

quoted from:

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No many fossills were left

There are no many left from the new series "Fossils", only photos as a memoire.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

While waiting for the Fossils series to be fired

The Fossils Series before bisk firing

since all the colored sgraffito plates were bought lately, I have started 2 new series.
one in all kind of blue shades, and one in all kind of reds.


I love the fossils series, because it is a continuation to the White & Black line, I have developed in the last few months.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sapphire Blue III

Sapphire Blue and Falls Creeck Shino

Yesterday, the glazing process went well, I have checked myself a few times, checked the glaze buckets, the manes, anything to succeed and to achieve the right glaze color. This afternoon I have opened the kiln and was really pleased with the beautiful Sapphire Blue on the dishes.

I have also used Val's Turquoise, and Mastering Cone 6 Semi mate Blue. I love them both.

Semmimate Blue MC6 with Fall Creeck Shino

the outer side of the dishes glazed with Fall Creek Shino, and I have also tried to use a new batch of Waterfall Brown from Mastering Cone 6 book as well. This one came out from the kiln unfortunately, with pinholes… something to check out.

Val's Turquoise, and WB MC6

Now I really would like to know, how did I really get that beautiful Sapphire Green? And how shall I get that same color again?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sapphire Blue II

Kiln was opened today, and the real Sapphire Blue has emerged between the other glazes on the big vase, and on the edges of the dishes.

Inside is the wrong glaze that turned out as a transparent on the relatively dark clay.

I did wash away the glaze of 4 dishes so I can glaze them again, hopefully without mistakes again…


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