Friday, January 26, 2007

this blog is about a life of an artist, and about painting.

I am an artist since many years. I am also a mother to three beautiful girls, 4 dogs, 2 cats, and one finchi bird.

I live in the northern part of Israel, near the city of Haifa, and
have located my studio in a Druze minority village, a minority that lives in cooperation with the Israelis. They have the same duties and rights but have kept their closed mystic tradition and religion for hundreds of years.
when people ask me what is my "style" in painting, I always find it hard to explain because paintings is a kind of a language for me. I see painting as a process of recollecting memories. These memories are being revived from an existential and infinite collection of memories that represents the relations and the struggles between my inner world, and the outer world, between my personal past, and my parents’ past; between my internal world, my everyday physical and mental life, and what is happening in the external world; between my individual history, and the communal, political history of the place I am living in —a place, which is saturated with wars, grief, and bereavement

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noa Spector-Flock said...

You are finding your way! the ceramic is starting to look like painting.


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