Saturday, February 24, 2007


Every day I am planting another hope.

Thousands of ideas are darting in my head, thousands of pictures are sparkling in my mind; flashing and dazzling like fireworks in the night of Independence Day, as if they were a colorful, breathtaking, and magical spectacle that bursts onto the dark infinite sky; scenes in which the past blends with the present; torn fragments of unforgotten memories float over in bizarre, odd combinations; unfinished paragraphs and broken sentences mingle with images and metaphors; memorable scents and familiar perfumes are echoed by a loud and vibrant sound.
For a moment I feel my body thrill; the silence freezes my mind, congeals old memories, and then thaws the old horrors.

oil on paper, 34x45 cm each

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

still love those, varda........... Susanne


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