Friday, November 27, 2009

Still looking for my way

I am still looking for a way to express my skills as a painter through my ceramic works.

Although it is so different, especially because I am most of the time preoccupied with the actual technique of creating the pots, finding the right slip, or the right glaze.

When I paint, I could see the results immediately, therefore, could alternate one color with another, add white to reduce dark color, or add some other colors to increase shadows and mystery. Most of my painting process is done by "thinking and visualization", thus my hands act as if they were a light tool or a brush of the mind.

In the pottery realm, my hands are like hard workers. They work, as does my whole body, in full power; my mind is busy thinking mathematically. How to do this or that correctly, how the glaze will come out of the kiln, what color would it be?

(all drawings are from a series called "The Book of Cells")

In the last few weeks I had the flu, like many others all over the world, but now I am back ready to learn and experiment again. Next week I have my first "selling" event. I am very excited. Especially because I am anxious to hear people's response to my work as a potter, for the first time…

Here are some pots from last month works:

Sgrafito technique, on Weiser Honey's Glaze mugs.

Egg Shell Glaze mugs made from buff clay.

Dark Brown (Laguna wc 391) clay bowls, decorated with white slip (Val Cushing's recipe)


Anonymous said...

So much lovely work to look at. Your slip work is exquisite and the glaze on that mug set is so beautiful. Best of luck with your sale!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Varda Sharon Kramer said...

knowing that there is someone who reads my words, makes the whole difference, thankk you!!

Caleb Elan Grayson said...

Just an aspiring art student drifting through.. wanted to say I admire your work, I specially love all the black ware with white slip designs! =) I'm always happy to find work and techniques that remind me that a little elegance goes a long way in making something otherwise ordinary become wonderful!


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