Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I must go all the way to beyond the fear of loosing

When to stop the stream of shapes and colors; when a painting is ready to be finished and untouched?
Did I go too far, and destroy the initial freshness of it?


Anonymous said...

Dear Varda...I try to reach you this way, cause all my mails to you come back to me. Please look into your e-mail account, if my post now arrived.....Susanne

Linda Starr said...

Hi, your paintings are very thought provoking to me.

Kitty Shepherd said...

Thanks for writing on my blog and your lovely words.

You work is very good.

I will tell you what I see in my eye. These three have an alluring combination of structure and fluidity. For example the sky is the facade and from this squeezing from the horizon is a fluid gush of land that could be slightly scary but it’s not it’s alright because of the sky, if you see what I mean? They really do have a topographical quality like the Exile serie 2007 ones. I fell slightly out of body looking at them as though I am above the ground. I would like to know how big they are?

Going down to Back into Work 9/7/09NEVER SAY NEVER SAY. This morning I read an interview in a magazine of Anna Barriball; re her work I THINK I AM BEING WATCHED 2008 and ON MY WAY TO BIRTHDAY PARTY she takes her phrases from the back of found photographs of which she has a huge collection. She uses the phrases alone, have a look at her work if you can on line. She is interested in the things that fall between the cracks in some way! You might like her.


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