Thursday, October 14, 2010


I have been away from the studio for too long, not because of laziness, of course, but due to health problems. After almost 2 years of unbearable headaches, and many tests, I was diagnosed as having a tumor in the right frontal side of my head. On August 4th I had a surgery that called Craniotomy, it was successful, though a month later I suffered from a severe infection in the same place, and had to be operated again. On September 7th, the second operation took place, and another period of hilling had started again.

It was a tiring voyage, suddenly everything looked unimportant; studio, work, day life… I had many rethought about the way I have lived my life, and the way I wish to live in the future, I had many, too many days of being unable to do anything, but thinking, and crocheting (as a way of therapy). I had days in which I thought about leaving pottery; in fact, leaving everything that needs to be done out of home, but in other days, I was eager to get back to doing and living.

All the arrangements I had to do in the new apartment, pushed aside; although I did emptied the boxes, things are not in their place yet. (Talking about boxes, reminds me now, that there are still unpacked boxes in the studio from the last pottery exhibition in May…)

I have to start "doing"

Today, after visiting the surgeon, and getting a permission to get back to work, I have no more doubts; I want to be able to work as soon as possible. I am planning to start working a few hours a day, till I feel strong enough to work a whole day.


Kitty Shepherd said...

Oh my God you have been though the mill as we say in Enlgland. You poor thing, I am glad you are recovering now. It sounds like a very big deal though and you must take it steady.
Sending good healing vibes to you through the wires!

Anonymous said...

Dear Varda,

Missed your blog and kept looking to see if you wrote --- wondered what had happened---I was shocked to hear about your terrible ordeal, but so glad you are on the mend.
Wishing you abundant good health and strenghth and a speedy return to artistic endeavors, and organizing your beautiful new apartment.
G-d bless you,
Shelley from Jerusalem.

Neomig said...

ורדה היקרה
אני מאחלת לך הרבה בריאות מכאן ואילך- הרבה בריאות ומרץ וחזרה לשמחה ועשיה!

Linda Starr said...

Oh my I had no idea, sending healing thoughts your way, I hope you get stronger day by day, take it easy and be good to yourself.

K Hiskey said...

I am so sorry about your health problems. Glad to see you are doing good and are getting back to doing what you love. You and your work are an inspiration to me. Thanks.


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