Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sapphire Blue III

Sapphire Blue and Falls Creeck Shino

Yesterday, the glazing process went well, I have checked myself a few times, checked the glaze buckets, the manes, anything to succeed and to achieve the right glaze color. This afternoon I have opened the kiln and was really pleased with the beautiful Sapphire Blue on the dishes.

I have also used Val's Turquoise, and Mastering Cone 6 Semi mate Blue. I love them both.

Semmimate Blue MC6 with Fall Creeck Shino

the outer side of the dishes glazed with Fall Creek Shino, and I have also tried to use a new batch of Waterfall Brown from Mastering Cone 6 book as well. This one came out from the kiln unfortunately, with pinholes… something to check out.

Val's Turquoise, and WB MC6

Now I really would like to know, how did I really get that beautiful Sapphire Green? And how shall I get that same color again?

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