Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jars etc

Lately I have begun doing some jars with lids. The surface was cut and then colored with different oxides.

Very qiuckly I realized which oxides are a mess, and which of them came out beautifuly.

ochre and red iron oxide under Eggshell Glaze.

rutile green under val Cushing Silky White

copper and cobalt oxide under Rutile Green Glaze, and Cream of Mushroom glaze of Clayart.

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Kitty Shepherd said...

These are really good pots, I love the one bolow with the oak leaf scraffitio on the grey. I am just working on another ray dish using the same method.
Jars with lids can be such a struggle, one tip I picked up from Kate Malone's book is to use cling film, it stops the top and bottom sticking together and it means you can get a very good fit. Good for when you want to counter-sink a lid onto a rebate. It is also very usefull stuff for embossing through. I can photocopy process for you and e mail if you want? Let me know.


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