Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kiln 1/ or Lots of surprises

What a joy to open the kiln; I was very anxious to see the results that's why I couldn't wait till it got to 100 degrees, and therefore, I can still hearing a voice of cracking…

The glaze of this one is still cracking

these ones looks like summer plates, I  like them.

Val's turquoise on these plates, came out really beautiful

Rosenrot and WB

Karenstarshine aqua, Rendy's blue, with metal black on top

Rendy's Blue around and
Saphire green on the bottom (which I got by avoiding the cobalt from the Saphire blue recipe

80% came out better than my expectations, the few that didn't will probably go to the smashing box.


During the coming days, I will load 2-3 more kilns, because there are so many new bowls waiting


Linda Starr said...

Great firing, I especially like the first bowl, good luck with your next firings.

Kim Hines said...

nice stuff varda! i like the turquoise and pink bakers and the ones under that w/ turquoise and dark red rings. very nice. i imagine painting w/ glazes goes much faster than your sgraffito bowls lol. love your sgraffito bowls though, i'm going to have to get one one day. :)

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

I love your sgraffito bowls, the patterns are wonderful,


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