Thursday, February 4, 2010

A day for snuggling in bed

Robin Egg Blue Glaze &
Black Tenmoku on brown, b-mix, and white clay.

It is cold, stormy and grey outside. In a day like this I don't feel like driving to my studio in a village on the top of the Carmel Mountain. and working with the cold clay especially when I have to begin a new series of pots. It must be around +4 Celsius, there. I know that for the most of you it is relatively warm weather, but for me it is really very cold.

Val's Turqoise &
Raw Siena (Mastering Cone 6) on red clay.
Variation of Blue Hares on b-mix.
Licorice (MC6) on white clay.

Yesterday I unloaded the kiln. The results were thrilling; so many beautiful new glazes.

Now I have to decide which of them are going to be mixed in large batches. It is very difficult decision for me. I love colors, and I still forget that pottery is not like painting, and there is a limit to the amount of colors a potter can use…

Waterful Brown (MC6) &
Vegas Red (that came out not acctually red) on red clay.
Revised Xaviar's Warm Jade Green on white clay.
Falls Creek Shino on white clay.

Karen Starshine Aqua &
PTR on red clay.
Raspberry (MC6) on red clay.
Raspberry (MC6) on white clay.

Saphire Blue (RR) &
GB Turqiose on red clay.
Karen Starshine Aqua on B-mix.

Randy's Blue & Revised Xaviar Jade green on red clay.

Vegas Red which isn't red, but so beautiful with the Faux Celadon on the red clay.

Licorice & Rosenrot Red on B-mix

Tr Blue & Falls Creek Shino on red clay.

Golden Fake Ash & Glossy Base Glaze 1-Clear Powder Blue (MC6) on red clay.

Randy's Blue & Jen's Juicy Fruit on White clay.


Bach's Blue Green & Waxing Brown (MC6)
on white clay.

Golden Fake Ash & Black Tenmoku on white clay.

Faux Celadon & GB Turqiose on B-mix.

Raw Siena (MC6) &
Waxing Brown (MC6)
 on b-mix
Licorice on white clay.

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