Sunday, January 31, 2010


Cleaning greenware is absolutely a risk to anyone who puts so much effort in decorating.

Especially when working with such a delicate clay as the B-mix. This time, I have broken "only" one bowl out of  24, so although my frustration and curses, it is a bit of a progress for me.

Apart from cleaning and breaking bowls, I have also loaded a kiln of many tiny pots, with many new glazes I have mixed for a trial. With them, I colored some bowls I made of left over clays, with the new glazes, using brush. I don't know what and how it is going to look like, but it is surely reminds me of painting.


Kitty Shepherd said...

Oh no that’s tragic! I clean my scraffito with the soft end of a swan or goose feather, it works really well, I scratch with the quill end (which can be sharpened and shaped with a scalpel) then spin it round to dust.
Do be aware that the dark slips contain nasty manganese and cobalt which is D A N G E R O U S !!!!!
Staying in UK for a few more weeks, off to the V&A this week so standby for a report on that.

Anonymous said...
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