Monday, October 12, 2009


Glazes; a new world of colors and surprises.

When I started with pottery, I have immediately fallen in love with making glazes.

I love to look for recipes, to read the comments and to decide on which glaze to test.

I love to mix the ingredients, I feel like a chemist, but since I am not, I sometimes make mistakes. Till today, my mistakes are not as bad as could be in real chemistry, only changes in colors, or texture.

To the Goodrich Honey Green glaze, I add 10 times cobalt oxide… it became a very nice dark blue, somewhat "inkish".

The original Goodrich Honey Green is a real honey green.

To the Ron Roy's Nutmeg glaze, I added 10 times Rio, it came out silky matte, dark brown, not so bad either…

The original glaze is different than it should be, because I fire up to 1180 Celsius. It is dry, sandy, and beautiful.

Some experiments with black gold slip, under Alisa's Silky White glaze:

and under VC "71" glaze

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Anonymous said...

Shalom Varda!
Thanks for posting a link to our blog (which is how I found yours). I'm looking forward to reading more about your pottery adventures.
I used to live in Petach Tikva many years ago...Olam katan, hah? :-)


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