Friday, December 4, 2009

My first Pottery selling

I was nervous last night; it was raining which isn't a good sign for sale- event, but a very blessed occurrence here.

We all, worked so hard for the selling day; there was the girl who weaves baskets, another one who makes dresses, one that makes metal tea pots, one who makes knitted jewelry, and me with my ceramic pots.

The house where we showed our works is a beautiful house, and each of us got a nice corner. People arrived little by little, not as many as we expected but they eventually came willing to buy our products.

I have sold all the personal - quiche dishes, and a few bowls. It seems that people here like Rutile green glaze and White glaze, although I am sure that one sale event, does not necessarily a solid proof to what people really like.

All these plates were glazed with Rutile Green Glaze on top of self made black-gold engobe .

these ones, were glazed with val Cushing's white matte glaze.

all of them were sold, now i have only photos.

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