Tuesday, December 8, 2009

While the kiln works

Part of the new bowls are already in the kiln. Mean while, I have many thoughts whether to glaze them with clear glaze only, so that the inside of the bowl remains white, in order to give more impact to the sgraffito outside. Or should I glaze the inside with colored glaze. but then I had a technical problem, how to glaze the inside of the bowl without staining the carved engobes in the outer side.
I also thought about brushing some colored glaze in the inside, and then cover it with clear glaze, like I did with the small bowls following...

In the end, I was too scared to destroy the work of the sgraffito, so to be on the safe side, I used the clear glaze only, maybe next time I'll be braver.

Meantime, some more photos of the previous kiln products, made out of Black Mountain Clay, as well as Laguna wc403, and wc429.

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Jesse Lu said...

Wow! Varda your work is so beautiful!

Do you enjoy throwing with black mountain? I was very excited to use it but then was put off by it's consistency. I found it hard to throw with. Also, do you take any safety precautions because of the manganese content?

I'm glad you enjoy my blog and that you took the time to send a note. I'm looking forward to following yours! :)


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