Friday, December 4, 2009

Last week, I came to the studio anxious to open the kiln to see the results of painting with white slip over colored engobes that I made myself…

It was disaster, the deep blue engobe swallowed completely the white slip; all the rims were ugly; very bad experience. I couldn't start working again, I just sat there, disappointed looking at the pots till I knew exactly what I should do:

After that, I could have started again, with new heavy big babies, and with a new aspiration to see them soon, coming out of the kiln beautifully and successfully decorated and glazed.

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Anonymous said...

A yes... A hammer can be very therapeutic, no? Sorry your results weren't what you hoped for. Getting rid of the "evidence" and moving on quickly is a good way of coping I think! :-)

Mazal tov on the sales. And yes, I'd love those glaze recipes. Could you email them to miri (at) Toda ve'shabbat shalom! :-)


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