Thursday, January 28, 2010

Memento for prints

On the last 4 bowls, I brushed black slip. From the first carve I had a feeling as if I was carving a wood cut. Although, cutting a wood has a very special effect that depends on the pressure, and the deepness of the cut.

Flamingo, wood cut


Now, I am waiting eagerly to see the results after firing the bowls. Would it look like wood cut, or the "unclean" surface, that has such a beautiful value in a print, will look just unclean on a ceramic bowl.

All the other bowls are ready for the cleaning process before the bisque firing.

Now, I am looking for a way to clean the little clay crumbles that remained from the cutting process, without damaging the delicate powdery slip.


Anonymous said...

hi varda, beautiful bowls and plates/low bowls. you are a sgraffito champion, really lovely ones in the previous post too. well worth the time put in.

Anonymous said...

Such a carving machine you are! Amazing work. Like Jim said, also loved the ones in the previous post. How long does it take for you to carve one of your intricate patterns? Mamash madhim! :-)

Varda Sharon Kramer said...

Thanks Jim and Miri, who are champions themselves from my point of view…
Yes, I am a little bit nuts; it takes about 3 hours to carve a small bowl (around 30-25 cm diameter) and as larger as the bowl goes, the amount of time grows.
I carve it with free hand, without pre drawing, so I improvise and change the carving all the time in every bowl for making it more interesting while working.


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