Friday, January 15, 2010

mass production

In my first career as a professional fashion designer I used to work in a factory which specialized in mass production. Since then, I can't do one thing at a time. In almost every aspect of my life series are often appearing. It is always 2-3 cakes, and never one cake; it is never one type of food, it is always many choices; it is never one book that I read, it is always a few together; it is never one painting that I paint, it is always a series of paintings that I work simultaneously.

Now, it is the same, with pottery. At the beginning of the week, I threw 24 bowls, one after the other till my breath went away. I meant to decorate them with engobes, and sgraffito. But the problem is that the weather here is like an early spring, dry, warm, and bright. Even the trees are confused and started to flourish.

Covering the bowls with plastic begs helps, but still they dry very quickly, so I found myself working days and nights to complete the decoration before they will turn completely dry. I have already done 10, which means, still 14 to go.

I took Kitty Shepherd and Jim gottuso's advice, to decorate the lower bowls only in the inside, and the higher ones also on the outside, and also to put more energy on decorations I really like to do. therefore, I put much more time on each bowl, so I could be honest with my nature to do the best I can, no matter the price.

one view of my studio

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