Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Red Clay Bowls

From a letter to my artist friend Barbara

"For me the process of creation is completely different. My mind is like a food-processor. I see things and absorb the images through it. I even do not pay attention when it comes out, or to the fact of what had influenced me. The other day I went to visit my parents, and looked in my mother's crochet books. She then gave them to me, because she cannot do any hand works anymore. After a few days she called me and said that the latest ceramic red clay bowls I did, look like the crochet diagrams in that books… funny, but surely it shows you how my creativity works".

When the bowls came out from the kiln, they where no more so colorful as they were in the stage of the bone dry, but I still like the color of the engobe, (Vince Pitelka slip recipe)

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